Computer Science Department Research Symposium  

(April 21st, 2023, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM)

James Farmer Hall 210

Veronica Cagle (Department Honors)
Presentation Title: “Using Machine Learning to Identify Political Polarization on Social Media”

Sarah Blevins (UMW Honors Program)
Presentation Title: “Accessibility in Web Design

Eleanor Haas (UMW Honors Program)
Presentation Title: “The Use of AI in Oil Pipeline Cybersecurity

Sophia Stil
Title: “AI in 6G: Security and Proposals for Future Research”

Jason Asaam
Title: “Study of block cipher modes of operation”

Makayla Savoie
Title: “Cloud Security and Penetration Methods”

Garrick Rice
Title: “Did Something Happen?”

Nicholas Annunziata
Title: “Climate Data in the Amazon”

April Groce
Title: “Automated Assessment and Guidance of Project Work”

Clark Saben, Shane Alexander, Christian Jakob (group presentation)
Title: “Hackathon: Weapon Target Assignment Simulation”

Wade Nelson “
Title: “Software Systems and Cyber Security”

Joshua Cottrell
Title: “Adding a Preprocessor to an Assembler”

Matt Nguyen
Title: “Writing an OS in Assembly”

Tyler Martzall
Title: “Network Security”

Zohaib Hassan
Title: “Biometric Authentication”

Patrick Murphy
Title: “Using Federated Learning in Intrusion Detection Systems”

Joon Yi
Title: “Do hybrid or online classes prepare CS majors for the remote work environment?”

Laman Aliyeva & Rachel Potter (group presentation)
Title: “Automated Knowledge Graph Generation From TV Plots”

Harmony Peura
Title: “Using Agent-Based Modeling to Understand Political Opinions”

Ryan Phillips
Title: “How Website Aesthetics Affect User Trust and Purchasing Behavior”


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