Tag: Dorothy Haas

  • Designing 3D printed columns for separations

    By Dorothy Haas Faculty Mentor: Sarah Smith Abstract The column of a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) instrument is the main piece of its separation power. The different elution times of constituents of a sample are based on the components of the column. 3D printing an HPLC column allows for direct manipulation of the column components. […]

  • Computational Determination of Electron-Electron Repulsion and Binding Energy within the Atom

    By Docia Atanda, Dorothy Haas Faculty Mentor: Leanna Giancarlo Abstract The atomic binding energy is the energy needed to pull away the innermost electrons in an atom away from the nucleus. The atomic binding energy is a value that takes into account the nuclear charge, electrons, and electrostatic interactions between the two. Using ChemCompute and […]