Causes for European Football League Transfer Fees

By Emily Wootten

Faculty Mentor: Kashef Majid


This study examines whether working in an international environment can help an individual signal their quality (and increase their value to recruiters). We used the context of professional soccer in Europe to explore whether participation on a national team has a positive impact on a player’s valuation and if so then does the status of the national team matter? Previous studies with a similar focus looked primarily at individual statistics such as age and goal rates. This study, however, will include player performance on an international level. By looking at whether a player has played for their national team and their ranking. With this information, along with the individual players’ information, we found those athletes who participated on the highest-status national teams had the biggest increase in their valuations. This information is important in both the Football and business world because it touches on the question of whether it is better to be a big fish in a small pond (great on your club team) or a small fish in a big pond (member of a great national team).






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