Dark History: Open 9-5/ The Role of Antebellum and Civil War Era Dark Tourism Sites on the American East Coast

By Abigail Zurfluh

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Farhang Rouhani


Dark tourism is the visiting of places that educate, or are associated with dark points of human history and activity. Looking into the Untied States Eastern Coast, the majority of these sites are associated with the Antebellum and Civil War era of American history. Think of the plantations, Civil War battlefields, and everything in between. But, what is the role of these sites in the interpretation and understanding of this era of dark history? Why do people flock to these sites all over the East Coast, and what do they get from these experiences?
Expanding on research I conducted last semester on dark tourism, this semester I have focused into dark tourism sites surrounding the Antebellum and Civil War era dark tourism sites. What makes these sites interesting to people, and what are their role on the tourism landscape of the region?


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