Tag: Madison Minvielle

  • An Investigation of Intermolecular Forces via Computational Chemistry

    By Madison Minvielle, Maria Schneider Faculty Mentor: Leanna Giancarlo Abstract Dipole moments can be investigated through several different methods including determining the polarity and electronegativity of a molecule and analyzing electrostatic maps. Computational chemistry is a useful tool that can calculate the value of a dipole moment without the need for a laboratory experiment. Semi-empirical […]

  • Analysis of Glyphosate Through Various Spectroscopic Methods

    By Madison Minvielle Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Smith Abstract Herbicides are an important component in the growth and care of sod and agricultural fields. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in many herbicides. However, it is toxic to wildlife, specifically aquatic species, when the herbicide is present in run-off that leads to ponds. In order to […]