Tag: Abigail Seputro

  • Using Transition State Theory to Understand the Kinetics for the Gas-Phase Synthesis of Ammonia

    By Chloe Boyd, Stephen Case, Abigail Seputro Faculty Mentor: Leanna Giancarlo Abstract To identify the rate-determining step and the most stable transition state for the Haber-Bosch synthesis of gas-phase ammonia, electronic structure calculations for the reactants (N2, H2, NNH2, H2NNH2, HNNH3), intermediates, and transition states were found using the program GAMESS and the basis sets […]

  • Optimization of Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye on Activated Charcoal

    By Abigail Seputro Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leanna Giancarlo Abstract Methylene blue and crystal violet are cationic dyes of high intensity that are commonly discharged in wastewater. The colored compounds in this environment inhibit sunlight penetration in waterways, resulting in the destruction of aquatic ecosystems. Activated carbon offers an attractive option for the efficient removal of […]