Category: English and Linguistics

  • Kemp Symposium

  • UMW Rare Books Spotlight

    By Nick Onorato Faculty Mentor: Dr. Antonio Barrenechea Abstract In collaboration with Dr. Antonio Barrenechea, professor in English, and UMW Special Collections/Archives we were able to create a few videos (3 currently but 5 total planned) showcasing first edition books held in the university’s rare book holdings. This project was proposed to me by Dr.…

  • Quiet Minority: The Language of Minorities in Right-Wing and Conservative Movements

    By Maria Esquivel Faculty Mentor: Dr. Janie Lee Abstract The literature surrounding right-wing ideology has focused largely on the political and sociological aspects of right-wing movements. While Kosse (2022) studied right-wing groups in the 4-chan message boards, the work was purely observational and has not allowed us to gain a discursive understanding of the right-wing…